My life is filled with surprising coincidences and encounters that have brought growth, a lot of happiness and wonderful collaborations into my life. A lot of good things and amazing people have come into my life through the hand of fate. All I have to do is to listen to destiny, choose to initiate the relationship, and continue to nurture it.
I believe that nothing in our lives is random, and it is ‘coincidences’ which make our life story what it is.
In this section I would like to share with you some meaningful encounters with special people who have significantly influenced me and my work. These people and their websites have been an inspiration for me, both in my personal and in my professional development.


Hidai Lieberman and the COD ( chakra overtone drum) project came into my life in the winter of 2018, at a time when I was already deep into my research journey in the world of healing sounds. When I first played the COD drum, with all of its frequencies, I encountered different magic to which I reacted physically and emotionally. After undergoing a period of personal training with Hidai – when I learned to play the drum and got a more profound understanding of its unique frequencies – I began working with it during sessions of sound healing, and also during personal treatments at the clinic.

Now, Hidai and I play together and we guide sessions of a journey among sounds.

One of the special things about this drum is that anyone can play it even without having any previous knowledge about playing, and they are able to enjoy the benefits of meeting the sounds, the healing frequencies of this very unique instrument, the energetic calibration it allows and the free creative expression in music.

More information about Hidai and the COD project can be found here at the link.

I also use additional tools that emanate from the COD project creators during personal treatments at the clinic, and this project is deeply interwoven into my work in many aspects.

Inner Sound
tuning forks

As part of my journey researching the world of healing sounds I came upon the ‘Inner Sound’ method working with tuning forks. There are a wide variety of methods available using tuning forks and a variety of different frequencies, but I find this very special method has profound and transformative effects.

I learned the method in England in 2016.

I work with tuning forks during personal therapy and they add an important layer, both in mental and physical aspects.

You can read more about the method on the website of Arden Wilken.

Transcendental Meditation

I became acquainted with this method after 26 years of practicing meditation according to a variety of different methods. I arrived at the spiritual home and found a gateway to quiet and expanded awareness.
The first link is  to the global meditation site
The second link is to the website of   Dr. Tony Nader , Chairman of the World Transcendental Meditation Organization. Every lecture by this man is a spiritual gem.
You can also hear it on YouTube

The Meditation Library
Rinat Yadlin

On this site you will find comprehensive and interesting material about the effect of sound on consciousness; different types of frequencies which can be used for healing and to alter states of consciousness; and also a variety of meditation exercises which you will be able to download.

A high-quality site which has a wealth of materials from the fields of meditation, brain wave training and more.